Monday, December 8, 2008

The night before

We visited the surgeon today who met Tika and reviewed her X-rays. We found out the further nasty news that it appears she may have hip dysplasia. He isn’t concerned that it will affect her mobility, but we’ll need to start adding glucosamine and Omega-3 to her diet.

He walked us through the procedure and what to expect. Her leg will be removed at the hip joint so she doesn’t have to deal with the pain or potential difficulties of an amputated femur.  We discussed her pain management during and after the surgery.

That night I was a complete basket case, I couldn’t stay still and kept pacing around the house.  There must be some mistake.  This can’t be happening. Why my Tika?  I don’t want her to lose her leg!

Tim poured me a glass of wine and the girls did their best to entertain me.  Tika won with the face below.  What is THAT all about? And yes, we will on occasion put stupid articles of clothing on our animals.....shut up.

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