Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The day of surgery

The big day, we got up early to get her to the surgeon by 7:30am. I tried desperately to be strong, but I felt like I was going to lose it. Fortunately, Tika just thinks vets are the neatest places so she stood there ‘talking’ to everybody she could. Finally, they came to get her. As she looked over her shoulder one last time before trotting to the back, I knew I could not hold back the flood gates any longer, I told Tim to get me out of there and I got to the truck and just succumbed to hysterics. I was hyperventalating and felt like I was going to vomit. I wanted to run in there so bad and grab her and just go as far as I could.

After I got calmed down, I just felt numb, I kept trying to go through this as logically as I could. I’m saving her life, I’m allowing her a chance without pain.

After a completely NON-productive day, I finally get the call that Tika made it through surgery okay and she was alert and responsive. Big sigh. I made plans to see her tomorrow, however, how am I going to react when I see her. I spend the night crying and searching for pics on the web of post amputation surgery. (Does this sound sick?)

I should mention that I have found the most awesome web community www.tripawds.com I spend the night reading everybody's story.

Finally, exhaustion kicks in, and I crash.

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