Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pool's open!

We opened the pool last week. Kinda nasty.  However, Disneyland to the doggies.  UPDATE: It's pretty cleared up now.

It's been clearing out the past week, and Tika is really digging her new exercise routine.
We just have to make sure Caya doesn't try to maul her everytime she gets out of the pool.
(A certain shepherd has decided that the pool is hers, and nobody else allowed in.

I was really good keeping my editorial comments to myself, but yes, my brat Shepherd does have to gnaw on the malamute every time she gets into the pool, or stream, or lake.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A tired dog is a good dog

What a beautiful spring day.

I took the girls down to their favorite little nature park.  Besides the attempted drowning of one malamute by one german shepherd it was wonderful.

I really got to work on Caya's need to grab the leash and start pulling us frantically across any road we cross. After tripping over her, 3 legs and a close encounter with a RAV 4, we got under control

Hubby thinks it's 'cute'. Yeah, my ass, next time I see him encouraging it, I'm taking the damn leash and horse whipping him with it.