Monday, December 19, 2005

DNA dog and don't mess with us!

So, we inform our vet of what the breeder said. She's pissed also. We can form a club, let's make T-Shirts!

So, we find out that Texas A & M is doing a genetic marker test and gathering DNA to try to isolate the gene that causes EPI.

Oh, yeah, totally gather all of Caya's biographical/breeding history up and make a nice little packet for them. Hah. Try to get out of that Evildoer.

Also, I got a copy of all of Caya's lab results, etc and scanned them and emailed to Miss Bitch and her retarded vet.

Oh, Caya, DOING GREAT. Go, go speed racer!

Friday, December 16, 2005

Caya's evil breeder


I'm pissed. Very pissed. Hubby is ballistic.

He called Caya's breeder, because we were told that we need to inform her of Caya's condition, that it's hereditary and she should not breed Caya's parents or siblings.

So, conversation ensues.

Mild mannered husband's voice gradually gets louder and louder and more irritated.

Then I hear, "EXCUSE ME, but Caya does NOT look like a thoroughbred, she looks more like a concentration camp victim."


So he hangs up on her, and starts fuming. Evidently, the breeder is totally in denial that Caya could have EPI, that all of her dogs have that sleek, 'throroughbred' look and that our vet was too quick to diagnose EPI.

Now I am pissed. I have spent the last 3-4 weeks up with Caya during the night comforting her, asking her to hang in there, telling her to be strong.

We make a note to call the vet in the morning and crack open a wine and play with our babies.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

EPI dog

One week into treatment/maintenance for EPI. Within 3 days she had her first regular bowel movement in about 3 months. Happy dance.

She's starting to be able to sleep and the horrible gurgling has stopped in her belly.

She celebrated with a long overdue mauling of her sister Tika. Tika is so nice, she takes it graciously.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

An answer for Caya has been found

Caya is now down to around 43 pounds. You can see every bone in her face. She looks horrible, her fur is starchy and lank.

Texas A & M had the vet do a TLI test. (don't even get me started on what all it is, click the link here)

She has Exocrenic Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI). The pancreas has two functions for both dogs and humans, one is the exocrenic which is when the pancreas provides an enzyme to the small intestine to aid in the digestion and absorption of nutrients. The other is the more commonly known endocrinic that provides insulin and blood sugar regularity.

The good news: We need to start providing her with the enzyme her poor little body can't make. She is not diabetic.

The bad news: It's a lifelong condition and the vet says that the Viokase to treat the EPI is $200/month. Yikes.

Because of the EPI, Caya has small intestine bacterial overload (SIBO), because when the body can't produce the digestive enzymes, the beneficial bacteria in the small intestine gets out of control. So we have to get that under control.

She also has some nutrient difficiencies that food and medication with regulate.

So what do we do know? We feed little girl as much as she wants.