Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy O'Mally-mute Day

I played hooky from work because it was absolutely gorgeous outside. The girls and I went for a walk. Because of my concern for Tika’s leg, I made a move to turn around, let’s just say that it didn’t fly with Tika-Dawg. She puts on her brakes and just stares me in the eyes. Malamute owners can testify that if a malamute gets a notion in her head, you pretty much better prepared to go along. I told her to come along and she held her ground just giving her doggie version of a glare. Caya starts to get worried, she’s my obedient one and she has no clue what is going on. Finally I walk forward like I’m going to continue you and WHOOSH, my arm is almost pulled from its socket by the TriPawd.

Okay, I guess we are not done walking yet. So we go a little further and I tried to turn around again. Once again, brakes and the glare. Okay, I guess we are still not walking again. We keep going starting to make a big circle and taking our time. I pull out the cell phone and cancel the vet appointment. This dog is fine, she probably just pulled a muscle. However, mom is still recovering from her bronchitis and infection so she’s huffing and puffing. Tika says: WIMP!

Later that night, Tim and I came home. We went out for a holiday beer, but far too sober for the crowd, the waitress had given us beads for the occasion. I took the beads and put them around the dogs. Tika was so proud. Look at my O’Mally-mute beads. Later she put up a fight when I went to take them off for bedtime. MINE, MINE, MINE.

Happy St. Patricks Day, aren't our beads CUTE?

I should mention that we hardly notice that she is missing a leg anymore, she’s still a bit bald on her butt and she breathes a bit harder than she used to. However, she is fully back to her bossy, bitchy, trouble-making self and we just delight in it. I come home from work and usually have a full blown 15 minute conversation with her about my day. We better make sure she gets her food by 6pm or we will hear about it…..and her pills…..and our food. What a bossy dog. Oh well, she can pretty much be anything she wants now…within reason.