Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Another decline and rebound

Tika had another decline in health. She stopped eating again, and stopped drinking water.

I tried to take her temp, which I've done before, but she wasn't having it, and bit me. First time she's ever bitten me, ever.

Needless to say it wasn't pretty in the household.

I loaded her up in my car and another indication that things weren't too spiffy was the fact that she for once, laid down in my car instead of pacing about (I don't have a dog friendly car, even tho' it's a small SUV)

So, once again her temp was at 103+. She was generally feeling crappy. The vet and I discussed treatment. We decided to go back to Baytril to treat the fever since it worked last time, he gave her a shot of cortisone and I will finally start with Prednisone, and he gave her a pain shot and sent me home with more Buprenorphine.

The vet wanted to know why she hadn't been on Prednisone, I said, ask your colleague, I asked for Prednisone a month ago. So I probably got somebody in trouble. I was also a basket case and cried a lot in the waiting room. Tika talked to the vet staff and held my hand.

Really, the dog will hold your hand, she laces her claws and toes in between your fingers and actually holds on. I think she held my hand for my sake. Sweet baby.

When we were giving the shots, it took both me and the vet assistant, Tika fought, she never fought before. The vet and I figured that she's starting to hurt. But he felt that as long as she is still 'talking' to us, wagging her tail and seemingly happy, if it were his dog, he wouldn't rush things. Let's just treat the pain.

I went home, the next day hubby returns from his trip and starts researching Buprenorphine and all the side effects and doesn't want to give it to her. The Baytril (antibiotic) kicked in and knocked out the fever, so she started feeling better.

The cortisone has really diminished her cough, that may be good or bad, who knows. So she has rebounded again. A heart of a lion miss thing has.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Love hurts

Caya has been having a love affair with a squirrel. Yes, squirrel. Rocky the Squirrel.

Every morning, he waits for her on the fence (I'm just gonna assume it's a 'he', okay?), she runs out and they run back and forth, he on top of the fence her down below.

It's obviously a relationship, her tail wags, he waits for her, they look adoringly into each others eyes. Its been going on for months.

I mention to my husband that we might want to make sure Caya's getting enough attention from us, since she's developed a interspecies relationship.

Well today I let her out, and what does this cruel heartbreaking boy-squirrel do? He brings out his new lady friend. The tramp, sashaying her fluffy little tail and batting her eyes at him so demurely.

So, and honestly, I can't make this stuff up, Caya sees her friend, goes running up, sees the other squirrel (TRAMP!) and just sits down. She looks stunned. The squirrel couple go gallavanting off to the walnut trees to start preparing for their winter love nest.

Caya just sits there staring off after them for a long time, she ignores my calls, then finally comes to me, looking over her shoulder like: "But I WUVED him!" I thought, OMG, I'm going to have to support my DOG through her first break up.

It was funny, it was tragic, it was a bit creepy. So tonight when I let her out, I imagine this will be happening at the base of the walnut tree.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

And now--featuring Gracie Cat

Yeah, we actually have other pets. Gracie is my old lady, around 15 years old. She's also my huntress.
So what hath the huntress killed for me?

A ring necked snake.

Good kitty.

Then we get another one in the house, Dad's turn to go clean up the snake. However, Miss Gracie hadn't quite finished the job.

So hubby's holding the snake while Gracie is playing Mike Tyson with it, bff, bff, sock'em!

I don't think he liked that game.
Gracie the Snake Killer and part time seamstress
At your service

Friday, October 9, 2009

Happy 10 month ampuversary

To my girl--love you so. Didn't think you were gonna make it this far after our scare earlier this month.

Happy 10 months! --Love Momma.
Happy Ampuversary to MEEEEE-EEE!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009


Totally. We think Tika is faking this cancer stuff. She found out that she can con us out of good food, have us wait on her hand and paw.

I busted her eating KIBBLE, yes regular dog food. Oooo, girlie. I'ma gonna get you.

So needless to say, she's doing great. Did a complete smackdown on Caya this morning because Caya was being a maniac. Cracked me up.

Here's to you, Tika. You rock.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Finally gave Caya her bath, she doesn't like it (the medicated shampoo has to sit on her skin for 10 minutes...YES 10 MINUTES) Handled it like a trooper. Also tried to maul me in our walk-in shower after a while. So as a result, I got a bath/shampoo also whether I needed it or not.

Tika was highly entertained...Finally, you are torturing the little dog.

Tonight I was curled up with Tika, the cough has come back and it's a doozy. She still eating and happy and wants to go for walks, but she coughed up some very bloody mucus. Even she was like yuck.

I try to be strong for her, but I can't help but tear up. Her breathing has gotten a bit worse.

Damn, she's a tough pup.