Thursday, October 1, 2009

Finally gave Caya her bath, she doesn't like it (the medicated shampoo has to sit on her skin for 10 minutes...YES 10 MINUTES) Handled it like a trooper. Also tried to maul me in our walk-in shower after a while. So as a result, I got a bath/shampoo also whether I needed it or not.

Tika was highly entertained...Finally, you are torturing the little dog.

Tonight I was curled up with Tika, the cough has come back and it's a doozy. She still eating and happy and wants to go for walks, but she coughed up some very bloody mucus. Even she was like yuck.

I try to be strong for her, but I can't help but tear up. Her breathing has gotten a bit worse.

Damn, she's a tough pup.

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