Sunday, July 25, 2004

Pup #1 Incoming....

We got the news that I had been approved to receive a puppy from our breeder in Canada, I was so excited.  She came from a litter of nine, I was like an expectant mother.  Oh please, please, please.

We could expect her around September.  I chose the name Tikaani Spirit, partly to honor her mother (Kindred Spirit) and because Tikaani is a Athebascan word for 'wolf'.  She would be called Tika for short.

On the German Shepherd front, however, things are not going so smoothly.  In essentially what I am calling the 'bait and switch', we are told that the pup we were going to get is showing herself to be too domineering (as in schutzhund material, as in breeder can now get more money for her) and she won't let us have her.  We are now going to be getting one from the next litter.  She has a long haired (no undercoat) black and red.  We can get her by October.

Tim was a little disappointed and irritated. But we went with it, no matter what pup we get, it will be our baby.  We did originally want the long haired trait anyway. 
This will be the first of many irritations with the GSD breeder. (I'm not going to name names here)