Sunday, April 20, 2008

Secondary problems with EPI

Caya was starting to act a little funky and losing a bit of luster in her fur and not eating, so I took her to the vet.

I read that EPI dogs can have vitamin deficiencies, particulary cobalamin (B12).

Well, sure enough, Caya has that deficiency.

So what now? Well, after a long argument with the vet, I convinced them to let me do the shots at home.

It's a simple subcutaneous shot of cobalamin in a series for a month. We might have to do a maintenance shot monthly.

I was very annoyed with our vet, I had given my cat SubQ fluids for almost two years for her renal failure, I understand what to do.

This was a cake walk, that little needle into Caya's ruff, nothing like a big IV needle into my little jellicle cat.

So we are working on that now, last night Tika came to fuss with Caya just as I was giving her the shot and Caya jerked. The cobalamin itself is a pinkish red, so when hubby saw the fluid run all over my hand, he about passed out. It's not blood!

Caya just slightly twitches when I jab her, like, ew a bug bit me.