Sunday, August 23, 2009

Caya turns 5!

Wow, how time flies.

Here she is in the trailer doing her best impersonation of a NASCAR fan.

Happy Birthday, little girl, thank you for your strength!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bark for Life

Kansas had it's first Bark for Life event for the American Cancer Society, it's modelled after the Relay for Life.

Held at the Eudora Park, about 75 people showed up with their dogs. I believe Tika was the only true cancer survivor that was also a canine.

They had an agility course which the dogs entertained themselves and all of us by doing. Tika won a prize for her attempt.

Doing the loop, let's go!

Meet my little friend.....

A gentleman visited with Tika for awhile, he was also a cancer survivor, they were having some sort of moment with each other, I felt like an intruder. He thanked me for letting him 'borrow' my girl and told me to "Live in her Strength".

Yes sir. I will.

Monday, August 17, 2009

IL-2 treatment continues

I should mention that in spite of all of our gallavanting around, we are still doing the IL-2 treatment in the camper.

Tika just says okay.

However, she gets fussy about eating, well, they both are. I had to scope out Estes Park for some metal bowls, the camper ones I bought are plastic and I think their highnesses do not care for the plastic.

Off to see my family tomorrow!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Tripawds Pawty

One of the many reasons for choosing Estes Park was that we would be able to take part in the party in Longmont.

I was really excited because I wanted to meet the great people that I've met on the forums. Of course, I wanted to show off how wonderful Tika was doing also.

All in all, I think 25 or so tripawds showed up to the get together at the longmont dog park. I think Caya was starting to feel a little out of place with that 'extra' leg of hers!

A couple of times I got a little misty-eyed watching the kids and getting meet everybody. It was a thoroughly wonderful day.

Getting these humans and dogs grouped together is like herding cats!

A very tired dog of the hour, Wyatt Ray Dawg.

A big squish for my baby!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Road Trip to Colorado

So, doggies are digging the RV after a couple of weekends up at the lake.

We headed out to Estes Park, CO on Thursday. We spent the night in western KS and then got to Estes Park on Friday. Oh boy, we got some happy doggies on our hands. All sorts of neat stuff to smell.

However, there has been a collective (human and canine) allergic reaction to the sage. Tika regrouped quickly, the rest of us hit the allergy meds.

The campground is right off Lake Estes and fun stuff to see and snorfle and a river to splash in oh boy.

The best part for the doggies was the dog park, Caya learned some basic agility and they both ruled the roost. The dog park has access to the lake so they could both swim.

Of Caya the shit, attacked poor Tika in the lake and about drowned her.
what is wrong with that dog?

Morning sun hitting the mountains, thanks
doggies for getting me up.....maybe....

High priestess of the lake, Caya von MeaniePants

Romping around

Monday, August 3, 2009

Starting new treatment for Tika's lung mets

We are starting a new treatment to try to slow down Tika's lung mets. It has a very slim chance of working, but it won't hurt her if it doesn't. This fits our criteria for trying new things.
It is an immunotherapy treatment called IL-2 Interleukin-2 Liposomes. She will have to inhale it twice daily for 30 days and then be rechecked.

We've been practicing and I'll be damned if that dog just doesn't roll with the flow.
"You want to put a bag on my snout? Uh, you are weird, but I guess, sure why not"

The treatment isn't cheap, but it will be pretty darn groovy if it works.

Tika says: You weird bleeders....

The supplies for treatment (and not a home meth lab!)

Here's hoping things work out! Metronomic protocol will continue. Hubby is researching the next treatment option.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Rolling down the road with the dogs

Well we bought an RV, since hubby isn't what we'd call an "outdoor-sy" guy and Tika isn't what we'd call a "Kansas Summer" dog, we thought this would be the best way for us all to spend a bit more time together before the end comes for Tika.

We did our first two trials up at the lake, and they went really well, the dogs were like, HEY, cool.
So, hey cool that they decided that marking their territory in it was appropriate.

And they totally didn't get why mom is bent out of shape. Oh, Nature's Miracle, did I tell you lately that I love you?

Besides the pee thing, they are weird about eating, a bit prissy if you will. They better get over it.

So, our sailboat friends have had endless amounts of entertainment with the land yacht. "When's the NASCAR event? Jerry Springer coming over?" Oh well, doggies can't quite deal when we are busting up the lake close hauled on a starboard tack.

However, being generally good peoples besides the teasing, I received this as a RV warming present, very, very, nice.

We'll be gearing up for the great Colorado trip soon