Thursday, August 13, 2009

Road Trip to Colorado

So, doggies are digging the RV after a couple of weekends up at the lake.

We headed out to Estes Park, CO on Thursday. We spent the night in western KS and then got to Estes Park on Friday. Oh boy, we got some happy doggies on our hands. All sorts of neat stuff to smell.

However, there has been a collective (human and canine) allergic reaction to the sage. Tika regrouped quickly, the rest of us hit the allergy meds.

The campground is right off Lake Estes and fun stuff to see and snorfle and a river to splash in oh boy.

The best part for the doggies was the dog park, Caya learned some basic agility and they both ruled the roost. The dog park has access to the lake so they could both swim.

Of Caya the shit, attacked poor Tika in the lake and about drowned her.
what is wrong with that dog?

Morning sun hitting the mountains, thanks
doggies for getting me up.....maybe....

High priestess of the lake, Caya von MeaniePants

Romping around

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