Friday, May 22, 2009


Oh.....f#$kstockings. (I just read Christopher Moore's book, Fool, and now my vocabulary is peppered with all sorts of innappropriate language)

We took Tika in to be checked for bladder infection that could be the result of her Cytoxan pills.

She has spent every evening blessing our carpet (no, not the TILE, not the HARDWOOD, the CARPET!)

I have parents coming for the holiday weekend. Hi Mom and Dad--here's a breathing mask for you. Sorry that the house smells like an unkept zoo.

To top it off, the air conditioning keeps freezing up, so not only has my dear doggie dumped several gallons of urine in the carpet, we now have a warm, incredibly humid house to enhance the smell.

I do hope baby is alright.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Itchy Scratchy and Puke-a-mute

Oh, holy christ.

I swear they are in competition with each other for the most problems.

Not to be one-upped by puking cancer dog with 'suspicious' spots in her lungs.

Caya is in full blown allergic dermititis with generalized yeast infection. The girls were in the kennel this weekend while the carpet got cleaned and we had the house bombed for brown recluse spiders.

We came back and I woke up this morning to another offering to the vomit gods by Tika. I feel so sorry for her, but I am getting tired of cleaning this stuff up. I wish she'd do this when I'm either conscious or at home so that we can run to the door together.

I'll need to add a picture of the doggie pharmacy. Let's see Pepcid/Cyclophosphamide/Piroxicam for Tika. Caya: Antifungal/Antihistimine-Cortisone/Antifungal shampoo.

Both dogs are so used to taking pills, when I opened up my vitamin pill bottle this morning to take my daily vitamin they both come running and sat down.

Poor babies....

Friday, May 1, 2009

Sassy Mute

On a mucho daily basis, I get cussed out for some crime I have committed. Here's a sample. Yes, I do encourage it for posterity's sake.  I am the director, dammit.