Saturday, December 13, 2008

We woke up to a good day. I’ve been spending the night downstairs to make sure she’s doing okay.  It was a very warm for Kansas in December so we worked with Tika to make sure she was okay with the stairs and such. 

Today the Fentanyl patch came off, I made sure Dad kept Caya busy outside while I worked on it. It went well, of course I was treating the situation like it was a HazMat emergency. J

She vomited again in the middle of the night, for some reason she is making it through the day, but not the night.  She’s been eating boiled chicken with a little kibble and her pills snuck into cheese. I had some chicken broth from the boiled chicken and I was using that on her food. Maybe all of the fat in the broth is a little too much. I’ll stop adding it.

It was quite dramatic how the vomiting happened. She wouldn’t stop pacing and kept nosing her food dish, so I thought I offer her some boiled chicken to munch on. As soon as she took it she gagged it out and started retching, bless her little canine heart we made it out to the deck before everything came up.

We’ve also decided to back down on her pain meds, she seems to be really sensitive to them.

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