Monday, December 1, 2008

First diagnosis in

We found this week that Chondrosarcoma was confirmed. We quickly made an appointment with VSEC in Overland Park.  I was really bouncing off the walls because I had a business trip in Grand Rapids, MI and couldn’t be there for the initial meetings. 

Tim was bouncing off the walls, because if it’s just chondrosarcoma the amputation will take care of all of the cancer and Tika will live a long life.

Later that week, Tim’s buoyant mood took a nosedive after talking to the oncologist. Evidently 50% of the time when Chondrosarcoma is present in the bone so is osteosarcoma.  So, they will do an intensive biopsy when the leg comes off and find out then.  The amputation is scheduled for Tuesday, December 9th.

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