Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The visit

The folks at VSEC call with an update and tell me I can come see Tika that afternoon, possibly even bring her home that evening.

I went to see Tika at VSEC.  She was still pretty loopy, but recognized me.  My first reaction was how good the surgery site looked. She had the big Elizabethan collar on her head that she wasn’t too thrilled about.  Since I was in the back, I could only visit with her about 15 minutes. So I talked to her and pet her and told her that she’d be home soon.  At one time, one of the nurses let out a 'ahhhh', I didn't realize it but, I had my head in the e-collar and Tika and I had our foreheads against each other, it's our little love touch.

She would paw at me for more pets and love.  The doctor stopped by and I had him explain more about the surgery.  Some of the muscle, etc was saved to give her more of a ‘butt’ to sit on.

They said they’d call to let us know whether she could go home tomorrow or tonight.

When they finally called, Tim and I had decided to give her one more day at the hospital to sober up a bit.  I also realized that we needed to do some work around the house to make it more tri-pawd friendly.  By now, I feel completely different than I did about 36 hours ago. Not like hyper happy, but not throw myself off a cliff either.  

My friend Sabrina met me for an early dinner and some 'human' time, I am really grateful to her, I'm sure I was just a joy to be around.  But it was much needed.

Here's a pic of stoner dog.  She's in a galaxy far far away. 

Here's her surgical site, just in case anybody was like me and wants to prepare for what is going to happen.

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