Monday, December 15, 2008

Things are going well, we made it through the night with no puking. She’s healing nicely except for what looks like two small seromas.  I think the incision has healed underneath so there’s some trapped fluid. However, I’m not a doctor so I’ll have to wait. We’ve expanded her area to ‘roam’ a bit.  The collar has been staying off most of the time and she hasn’t been fussing. GOOD!  The only thing we notice is that she’s a bit quiet.  Sleeps a lot, I think with no pain meds she’s feeling it a bit. (Okay, understatement of the year.)  However, she’s not showing any signs of extreme pain or distress and I think she would prefer that to barfing.  I definitely do.

Had a first ‘accident’ between the dogs, Caya our german shepherd got a little too excited and swung around and hip checked Tika at her surgery sight. Boy, I didn’t handle that well, I’ve never heard Tika cry out before and it broke my heart. Tim just got me some wine.  (Cheaper than a shrink.)

Doggie is on the mend...we are through week one of the 'Two Weeks of Hell'

Common sight for right now. 

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