Friday, December 12, 2008

We kept Tika in her pen, but let her have the collar off as long as she behavedBesides some general confusion because of the surgery and pain meds, she’s doing well. We spent the day with her, fussing, seeing if she’d eat. (She did.)

She has been a bit antsy, and jumpy. So I calmed her down a bit and gave her a light sponge bath. Mostly to get that itchy antibacterial soap out of her fur and some of the post surgery crud. Tika seemed to really like that. I think the pain meds are making her see pink elephants.

I don’t know if I let her overdo it but we had barf-o-rama tonight. Most of the food was undigested. Poor baby. Most of the night she was pacing I guess it was nausea. After vomiting she curled up and went to sleep.

Even though I took the collar off, it would put her into these full blown panic attacks, she did figger out how to manipulate it to get some water!

Oh, I might add, I am going batshit crazy because we haven't heard the final results of Tika's biopsy after the leg came off. It's only the difference of knowing a) whether she's done and she'll live forever as a TriPawd ORRRRRR she's not done and we only have a year or less with her.

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