Sunday, December 14, 2008

No more broth, just boiled chicken. I’ve just been giving her a little bit at a time. I want to make sure she has enough to keep her stomach steady for the Deramaxx that she is still taking.  We’ve stopped with the Tramadol, I think it’s making her too loopy and nauseous.           

The day is going well except for the 40 degree drop in temperature over a 3 hour period.  So, Tika is getting to feel the joys of not having that thick coat of hair all over her butt.  The quote of the day is: “I’m freezing my ass off, so you must be, cause you got nuthin’ covering it.”  

She's motivating pretty well.  Still a bit agitated and loopy at times. I am trying not to project my own feelings on her.  I often run upstairs or downstairs to cry.  My poor kitty, Gracie, the queen of the bottom floor is starting to think she's a kleenex. But she's pretty good to cry on her little shoulder.

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