Tuesday, September 1, 2009

IL2 treatment

Well, we got the news. We had already come to the conclusion ourselves, but it still hurt.

The IL2 treatment wasn't effective, the lung mets have grown, and grown signifcantly.

The oncologist and vet keep telling us that it seems to be particularly aggressive. Well, piss on them for being right. Couldn't they screw up for once? I wouldn't sue them or anything. PROMISE!

We are going for one last try. Tika is still doing great, walking, sassing, eating, having a grand old time. We are going to the University of Missouri Vet Hospital to try inhaled chemotherapy and with a different chemo drug than before. We will also start Palladia which has been approved for mast cell tumors in dogs, but it might work on lung mets.

I do have some misgivings at times, are we being fair to Tika? I hope so.

So the Labor Day weekend is coming up and we will go to Columbia, MO first then vacation in the RV with the dogs the weekend.

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