Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A tribute

To quote the Dead: "What a long strange trip it's been..."

As I look back the pet adventure started with Caya, then my beloved Neko Cat went into feline renal failure (she kept Truckin' for two years on fluids...possibly training me for Caya's adventure?) Then the rock of the family, Tika, battled cancer only to lose to it as Caya went into sudden acute renal failure.

Holy shit.

The combined vet bills starting with getting the pups tallies around $35K-45K. The majority of it being in the past year. However, St. Francis of Assisi and a few other religious dieties, oh hell maybe even Neko and Tika themselves have looked out for us because things are looking up, we will have the means to recover financially and we have the health of our remaining two critters. So, to all in the 'other' world, thank you.

However, I need to give a bit of love to the many folks I met over the last year. Without their support, laughter, tears and just being there, I kept a tenuous hold on my sanity. So to the pack at, I love you all, thank you for being there. My family, my friends, my coworkers, they all tried to understand, tried to be supportive, but I could feel the patience wearing thin. On the bad days, I just had Tika's jolly spirit and a few simple keyboard clicks and I knew I wasn't alone, I wasn't crazy.

To all of my fellow crazies--I'll always be there for you.

Caya was still getting fluids when the disaster in Haiti happened, I had several emotions going through me while I would sit on the floor administering fluids to her and watching people suffer and die and go without basic medical necessities for their needs. I felt guilty, we donated all we could to the relief efforts, we have even considered taking some time to go down there for rebuilding if we can, Caya was very lucky to be with us.

There was a recent article/poll in our local paper on what you would spend/do for a pet's health care. The answers amused me. My first thought was, AMATEURS, but honestly, you wouldn't know what you would do until the time comes. If somebody told me I would spend $20,000 on Caya over a two month period and put my job and my financial situation in jeopardy over her, I would have said no way. But I did.

Was it worth is? Oh, you betcha. Caya doesn't just own my pocketbook, she owns my mind and spirit, she shows me the simple joys in life. Tika taught us that in spades. If I ever get sick (and with my family history it's probably likely) I will hold on to Tika's memory, play her videos and say, I CAN be that strong. I'll remember the words of a elderly gentleman, "Live in her Strength."

So our four furry children are down to two, and they are starting to turn to each other, as if to say: "Okay, it's up to us now, we've got to team up and take care of these guys." So, to my 15 year old GracieCat, thank you for the love and hair combing. So, to miracle dog, Caya, thank you for showing me life doesn't have to be so SERIOUS and sticking around for a few more RV trips.

To the two that have gone on to new adventures, I know you are still with me. You always will be.

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