Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A new year...a new beginning

I can't believe over a month has gone by since I have last posted.

Caya had several ups and downs over the last month, but she's finally on what we call the recovery path.

Several arguments ensued among the vets/specialists we were in contact with about whether Caya had a anti-biotic resistant form of leptospira, whether or not she needed a dialysis, etc.

Once Caya seemed to be on the up side of things and staying there, hubby and I took a break, got completely off the grid to rest and regroup. Caya was spending her days in the vets anyway so they took her and boarded her in a run at night. During our trip, we called and checked on her and we got the wonderful news that her BUN was in the normal range and her Creatinine was going down. (It's still high). The best news was we could finally start dialing back on fluids and she started eating by herself.

We got home yesterday (went from 85 degree weather to 10 degree weather and 16 inches of snow) and it seemed like we had a whole new Caya-dawg. We proceeded to destroy the pristine backyard playing (I hate the cold, but you cannot avoid being caught up in the rapturous joy of a german shepherd!)

Now, as things get better, what does the future hold? First of all 2010 has GOT to be better than 2009, it royally sucked. I want to tell myself I will not be an overprotective momma and keep Caya from enjoying all the things she loves. But it will take a while to get the image of my baby girl with tubes coming out from every angle out of my head.

Tika's presence is missed every day, I think mostly by my husband surprisingly. But I guess I am in that acceptance stage of grief and I can remember her for all the good times. I had a picture in my office at work that my parents gave me when Tika was a puppy and we visited them, Tim forgot about it so I framed it and gave it to him for our $5.00 christmas present giving.

So here's to a new year, we are planning a trip up to Montana (husband's never seen Yellowstone!) with Caya and the RV. My parents are both retired now so they'll be up visiting a lot, my dad has more or less kicked us out of our own house for the summer on the weekends. He wants pool and dog sitting duty. Hmmm, we'll see. If I can get Caya to agree to being a boat dog, she'll have a new job this summer.

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  1. Kim, it's really, really good to hear that Caya is doing better. We were talking about you guys this weekend when we got together with Codie Rae's pawrents, and wondering how things were going.

    Happy 2010. yes, it has to go up from here, right? Absolutely.

    And remember, when you plan your route to Yellowstone, you MUST come through Fort Collins / Red Feather Lakes and come stay with us. We are totally on the way. And Wyatt really, really wants to see Caya again!

    Sending you warm wishes for a beautiful 2010,
    Rene, Jim, Wyatt Ray & Spirit Jerry