Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Caya is a little early for April Fools

SOOOOOO, we got the shit scared out of us last night.

Caya was doing good, had dinner, was romping around with me, mauling me and playing with the ball, all was good. Total Norman Rockwell evening.

Then all of a sudden, lil' dog FLIPS OUT! Starts running around the house doing this weird head bobbing thing, drinking 10 tons of water, wanting outside where she started manically eating snow.

This kept going on, we tried to calm her down, nothing. Then BLEEEEAAAAAH, spectacular bazooka puke of all the water and snow she just ate. She calms down.

Then it happens again, manic snow eating (looked like Ms PacMan), freaking out. I grab a hold of her to calm her down and I feel her stomach, it's huge....her whole abdomen is distended....then the dreaded word comes....BLOAT.

We call the ER, they say bring her in. SO off we go to KC, I'm riding in the back, hubby is speeding, I'm getting carsick, dog is freaking out. Oh, and it's 10pm at night.

So, happy ending to the story. Doggie didn't have torsion. She had severe intestinal gas. I have IBS, so I know how painful that can be. Basically, Caya had a fart caught crosswise! Okay, sick humor, I know.

We got back home around midnight and stayed up for awhile longer. Finally, she calms down around 2am and we all get to sleep (she's racked out on top of me, but that's okay).

Today she was back to normal, she took a fantastic poo at lunch (more poopy talk!) and was a whole new dog.

It was the cheapest trip we've taken to the ER, but not a fun one. Let's not do that anymore, mmm'kay?

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