Sunday, January 9, 2011

I've lost control of my household

Another fast forward post.  We spent a lot of last year camping with the girls, and then we moved our sailboat to Florida and spent our winter with that.

The girls aren't really sailors, so they got to stay at camp.

Anyhow, over the holidays, I just happened to be looking at rescues to find a small dog for my mother-in-law, some pup that's older and needs home and a companion for my mother-in-law.  We expanded our search to Florida since we'd be there and I could bring her back in a carrier on the plan.

We didn't find anything for the mother-in-law.

But we came across...Luna.

You suckers...just you wait.
And, we decide to go see her.  Luna was about 6-7 month old, and she had been left neglected in a back yard of a house.  She wound up snapping her metatarsals on a fence, but didn't receive the proper care. She was finally relinquished to the shelter where she got proper care.

Despite all that, she's about one of the most loving animals I have met. And absolutely insane.  We've nicknamed her Gollum/Smeogol from Lord of the Rings because she is always all over the place. Unfortunately, I've become her precious.  Very, very attached to me. Part of that I think was from the road trip home (no shoving her under the seat on the airplane)

Except for a slight scar and a right foot that points about 45 degrees off, she doesn't seem to be bothered by the foot.

I think my Spirit Tika was talking to us that day, and Luna lucked out and got a great home.

Sitka just adores her, but it was rough for a while, we went through this with Tika and Caya, and it's not fun when two large dogs decided they are going to kill each other over...Caya's food, toys, me, my husband.  We finally worked through it with persistance, patience and a wooden spoon banging on a cookie sheet. 

Caya? Well, Caya doesn't really seem impressed with the little darling.

Trust me folks, nothing reboots an dog like have a stark raving human start beating the hell out a metal pan about a foot from their heads.

Sitka says: Can we keep her?

Caya says:  You will not come near me, my ball, my humans, my food.
Other than that, we should get along fine.

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