Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Well, finally, the pics

Okay, a quick fast forward of the last several months with Sitka. And ya might figure out why I haven't been around a computer much....
And in the beginning, there was cuteness and softness...
Caya sez: OMG, WTF? Rabbit? Dog? Huh?
I like to move it, move it.....
Kid. I didn't survive kidney failure to put up with your sh!t.
(Editorial note: Caya has a 'soft' mouth, no puppies were rushed to the emergency vet after this photo.)

This is called 'puppy hangover.'
(another editorial note: After Caya's bout with lepto, she went really white in the muzzle. Kinda makes me sad....)
Donkey Ears: I haz them.
It's Kansas, it's 100+ degrees out.
I want to talk to my lawyer and my agent.
Who didn't read the "ALASKAN" part of my name?
Ah c'mon, I B chillin...U B hatin.

And so, there's the fast forward of the last few months in the household. Sitka totally digs the camper (but not the camper crate, but she will EAT camper if not), she likes to bully Caya, and the fact Caya puts up with it completely, utterly dumbfounds me. She's in her malamute teenage years, which is why wine is always available at my house now.

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