Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Reason #4921 why Caya's breeder is evil

Because I have a fondness for annoying myself, I went to Caya's breeder website.  (Still it shall remain anonymous)

There was an article written by the breeder about her long-coated shepherds.  It states in the article that she has never had a long-coated shepherd without an undercoat.

Uhhhhh, whatever!  Caya TOTALLY doesn't have an undercoat, she hardly sheds (well, except when she gets a yeast infection)  I comb her with a fine tooth comb.  It's about as fine as my hair is.  When we went for a check up, I asked the vet, do you think she has a undercoat?  The vet said, what, NO WAY! I shared the story with her.

This person has been in total denial about ANY of Caya's medical conditions, the EPI, the weirdness when she was a puppy, the allergies.  What about responsible breeding, people? It applies to the dogs that don't always work about perfectly and you can get $12,000 for!

I comfort myself in knowing that there's a couple of very well reknown vet hospitals out there, TAMU canine gastro-intestinal and KSU Vet school that have Caya's DNA and complete medical and breeding history.  She's my beautiful baby, and I love her, but no doggie should go through what she goes through, and a lot of wonderful people are working hard to prevent it. 

I am glad I have her, because I can afford to pay for her care, and I am willing to sacrifice personally to make sure she gets it. 

All we need to add to that is some responsible breeding and ownership of genetic anomalies if they happen. Not the garbage we've been getting.

Off my soapbox now!

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