Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Doggie health update

They are both doing better, we are in the process of retraining them to go outside, since they've both been busted decorating the carpet.

I did not have a good week waking up everyday to see who whizzed their initials into the carpet.

So....after 40,000 pills, 50,000 gallons of nature's miracle and 20-30 gallons of wine (for me!) I think we are through the worst of it.

Tika had a suspicion of a bladder infection, she was treated accordingly.  Caya's yeast infection and allergies are clearing up.  

However, I do feel like I've spent most of the last 10 days either mopping up the carpet or shoving a pill down somebody's throat.

This is one of those weeks when I think, "oh, a goldfish would be nice, I'll call him Nemo"


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