Monday, January 5, 2009

Over the next few weeks, Tika continues to heal. As she gets stronger, I get stronger also. I’m very humbled to be around her. We switched her food over to Innova EVO, a high protein, low carb diet. We made the mistake of having Caya go on this also. Big mistake. Another problem EPI dogs have is that they can’t digest high fat foods.

Long story short, Lil’ Miss became a weapon of mass destruction. There were fumes coming from that dog that would clear the room. WOW! To save you the gory details, let’s just suffice to say that we went back to her normal food and life returned to normal.

Every day Tika gets stronger, her fur is growing back, but she looks like a badly shorn sheep. Tim and I can’t resist patting her bald butt, she looks at us, like….DO YOU MIND.

She has made a couple of trips upstairs, it takes some effort on her part, but she’s so proud when she gets it done. By now, the scarf used to support her is a natural thing, so on the weekends, I grab the scarf and Tika runs to the steps so I can help her upstairs to torment Tim awake.

We have gone through another chemo treatment with flying colors, blood counts are good. We are now researching Metronomic Protocol.

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